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Autore Discussione: [Walkthrough] RESIDENT EVIL 2 [CLAIRE]  (Letto 7964 volte)
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Claire arrives in Racoon City on her motorbike
and is attacked by zombies. She jumps into the
car with Leon and after the car crash Leon tells
her to make her way to the police station.


Take conrol of Claire and run forward, dodging or
shooting at the zombies. Head along untill you
find a brown door and enter the gun shop. You
will now witness a cut scene where the zombies
break in and devour the shopkeeper. Shoot all the
zombies and inspect the shopkeeper to receive a
bow gun. Now leave via the grey door at the back
and follow the alley round.

Run past the wire gates and inspect the back of
the white van for bullets and kill or dodge the
zombies that burst out of the gates, then head
through these gates and round the alley. Head up
the steps, round and down the other side. Inspect
the bin for bullets. Jump up onto the box and kill
the zombies, then jump down the other side and
run up the alley avoiding the zombies grasp. Run
past the zombies devouring the cop and enter the
bus. Take the bullets and leave via the other end.
Enter the door and make your way down the
subway. Search the flower tub for a green herb
and enter the police station.


Take the bullets and ribbon from the counter and
save here if you wish. Enter the door by the
counter to meet an injured cop. Take the keycard
and return to the counter and use the keycard on
the computer to unlock the two doors.

Enter the door on the left hand side (left as you
are looking in from the entrance). In this room
is a storage box. Take the police memo from the
bench and use your lockpick on the desk for a
first aid spray. Now exit and proceed along the
corridor. Walk past the first grey door, this is
locked to encounter your first licker. Make sure
your health is full and gun fully loaded or use
the bow gun. Run, turn and fire and when he is
dead take the green herb from the floor and enter
the door here. Go in the first brown door (training
room) and take the operation report from the desk.
In the back room you cannot light the fire until you
find the lighter so exit this room and continue up
the hall. Kill the zombies here. The grey door is
locked so enter the brown door under the stairs.
Search the filing drawers for bullets. In here is a
storage box and save point. The back room is the
dark room where you develop rolls of film.

Exit this room and run up the stairs. Search behind
the statue for bullets and push the smaller busts
into the slots in the floor so that they are both
facing the larder one to receive the red jewel.

Exit the door here and into the grey corridor.
Enter the STARS office. Search for the grenade
launcher, Chris diary and the unicorn medal. As
you try to leave a fax will arrive. Take the fax
and exit. The door at the end is locked so make
your way back down the stairs and round to the
police counter. Use the unicorn medal on the old
fountain to receive the precinct key.


Now enter the door right of the police station
entrance. Kill the zombies here and make your way
past the first double blue doors, down the hall and
through the brown door. The blue door is locked so
enter the next blue door. Take the bullets and
leave. The green door here is locked so head back
to the blue double doors and enter. Kill the zombies
here and search the desks for an ink ribon.

Enter the small partioned office at the back and
search behind the desk for a green herb. Use the
number 2236 on the safe to receive acid rounds
and a police station map. Now exit via the back
door to find yourself in a small coridor, ignore the
brown door here, this is locked. Search the cop
for bullets and head out the door by him. Go up the
fire escape to take the green herbs. The door at
the top is locked so make your way to the police
station counter part.

Now enter the left hand side door and proceed up
the corridor and unlock the first grey door with
your precinct key. Search for the patrol report
and push the steps along, climb up the steps to
receive a crank.

Exit and run all the way around till you reach the
stairs, climb up and follow the corridor round to
use the precinct key on the locked door at the end.
You will see a cut scene here with Sherry being
chased by zombies. Claire bumps into Leon and
she decides to look for Sherry. Run forwards and
inspect the gap in the wall for bullets. Backtrack
and turn left. Open the desk with the lockpick to
receive flame rounds. Enter the door to find
yourself in the library. Climb the stairs in here and
run all the way round till you fall through the
floor. Inspect the diagram and go to the bookshelf.
Move the shelves so that they correspond with
the diagram and return to the diagram to receive
the serpent stone. Search the vase for a red herb.
Now head through the double doors by the vase and
head right killing the zombies and release the
emergency ladder, ignore this for now and continue
right and enter the end door.

This is the reception room. Take the lighter, ribbon,
and secretarys diary. There is a safe point and
storage chest in here. Exit via the door by the desk
and search the dead cop in the hall for bullets.
Run past the crows and out of the door here.
Continue past the burning helicoptor and down the
stairs. Kill or avoid the zombies and enter the
cabin at the back. Take the valve handle and ribbons
and run back up the stairs. Go behind the buring
helicoptor and use the valve handle to turn the
water sprinklers on to put the fire out. Inspect the
helicoptor for bullets and return through the door

Unlock the door at the top of the fire ecape and
return into the corridor. Make your way back round
and past the reception room. You hear Sherry
scream but cannot get in to save her. Enter the
brown door here and search the vase for an ink
ribbon and take the precinct key. Use the red
jewel u have on the womans motif.


Head back through the library, up the stairs and
through the brown door at the top to the machine
room. Use the crank on the hole in the wall to
lower the steps. Now exit and make your way back
into the library, down the stairs, exit and run
round to the emergency ladder. Climb down and
go through the door right of the police station
entrance. Proceed down the corridor and unlock the
blue door using the precinct key. Take the cord and
eagle stone. As you try to leave a licker attacks
so either kill him or run out.

Make you way back to the police station main
counter part and enter the left hand door. Use
the cord on the box on the wall to close the
shutters and continue up the green hall until you
reach the first brown door. Head in and enter the
back room and use your lighter on the fireplace to
receive the red jewel.

Exit and unlock the grey door with the precinct
key. Enter and kill the zombies. Search for a roll
of film, bow gun bolts and use the lockpick on
the drawer to receive a plastic bomb. Unlock the
other door in here, enter the partioned office and
kill your possessed mate. Take the detonator from
the desk and combine it with the plastic bomb.
Search the room for a herb, bullets and a memo
to Leon.

Exit through the other door here and climb up
the emergency ladder. Run right, and enter the
reception and return to the room past the
wreckage to slot the other jewel in place and
you will receive the blue stone.

Approach the damaged wall and use the bomb on it
to take the wall out. Now head through the
opening it has made and into chief irons office.

After the cut scene with the chief exit via the
other door in here and follow the hallway round.
Follow the footsteps to meet Sherry again.
Search this small rom for the secretarys diary B
and open the trunk for a first aid spray. After
Sherry runs off (again) head back to chief irons
office and take the precinct key from the desk.
If you are carrying any of the stones go behind
his desk and insert them into position in the wal.


Now head on out and downstairs to the main police
counter part. Take the right hand door and enter
through the blue double door. Run through and exit
via the back door, into the small corridor here
and unlock the brown locked door here. Enter and
pick up the green herbs, make your way down the
corridor and down the stairs. Kill the three dogs and
enter the double brown doors. Take the herb and
police B1 map. Move the power switch:

Leave this room and enter the double grey doors
by the autopsy room. Kill the dogs and climb down
the manhole ladder. Enter the first room, this is
a save point and storage room. Now leave to
meet up with Sherry who guess what... runs off!


Go up the lift and run over the bridge avoiding the
dogs and through the door here to receive the
grenade rounds. Now run over to the other door.
In here go down the steps and align the boxes in
a row on the back wall using Sherry to jump over
them and push them into position.
Now head back up the steps and press the switch
to make the water rise. Run over the floating
box and take the precinct key. Go back to the
lift, head back down and Sherry will throw Claire
the goodies.


Take the grenades and precinct key and exit back
up the ladder. Kill the lickers and unlock the
autopsy room with the precinct key and enter.
Take the red key card from the drawer at the
back and many zombies wil attack. Kill them and

Go to the arms store and use the key card on the
slot to open the door. Enter and search for bullets
and search the locker for a choice of a machine
gun or side pack. Exit and go round to the car
park. Take the green herb in here at the back
and return through the door you came through as
the door is blocked off. Make your way round to
the stairs and run up them.

Unlock the door at the top of the stairs and
search for acid rounds, a ribbon and the
watchmans diary. Leave this room and head back
down the corridor and out of the door. Back
through the office and out of the double blue doors.

Stay on this corridor and make your way down to
the green door at the end and unlock it with the
precinct key. Kill the licker and take the roll of
film from the desk. Use the lighter on the fire on
the wall and turn the faucets on in this order:

Go to the picture to receive the cogwheel. If you
have rolls of film to develop visit the dark room

Climb up the emergency ladder, kill the licker and
make your way through the library, up the stairs,
out and round to the machine room. Enter and run
up the stairs to use the cogwheel on the machine
and switch it on to receive the blue stone. Exit
this room and make your way back through the
library and round to the secretarys reception room.


After the cut scene with Sherry combine the two
halves of the blue stone and place it in the
remaining slot behind the desk. Or all three stones
if you are still carrying the other two.
Take the chiefs diary from the chair.

A secret door will open up so enter it and pick up
the mail to cheif. Proceed and Sherry will
catch up with you. Head down the elevator.Run down
the corridor and after another cut scene search
for acid rounds and make your way down the ladder.


Make your way over the bridge and a monster will
attack. Kill him and press the switch to release the
ladder and climb up. Proceed down and jump into
the water and down to the XD-R door and you
will be told you have to go back for Sherry.
Travel back up the lift to fetch her and return
to the XD-R door with Sherry. Make sure Sherry
keeps up with you. Once through this door Sherry
is dragged off!


Head forwards and up the step. Enter the brown door.
In this room crawl through the vent near the floor,
run through the tunnel and out the vent at the
other side. Pick up the wolf medal and Sherry falls
through the floor.


Run forwards and up the step. Take the blue herbs
and enter the door. This is a save point room.
Take the bulets and sewers managers fax and use
the lockpick to open the wharehouse door. Enter
and climb down the ladder. Search for bow gun
bolts and return up the ladder and down the lift.
Run forwards and down the centre corridor, take
the sewer map off the wall and exit via the
grey door.


Run left and up the steps, search the dead men for
flame rounds. Now run past the ladder and head
right and through the door. Jump up the step and
enter. Watch the cut scene with Annette.

After the cut scene run round and use the valve
handle to lower the bridge. Run across the bridge
and take the herbs and flame rounds. Id advise you
to save here. Raise the bridge back up with the
valve handle and enter the door. Run all the way
around to the end to face the giant crococile,
keep running, firing and healing until he strolls off.

Now go back to where he jumped out and turn on
the electronic switch. Enter the dumping area and
go to Sherry. Take the wolf medal and climb up
the ladder.

Run across the bridge and turn left to find the
eagle medal and sewer managers diary. Now go
back down and use the valve handle to stop the
fan rotating and climb up the ladder, run down the
tunnel and climb down the other side. Run forwards
and left, through the door and make your way to
where the water is cascading down from the
ceiling. Place both medals in the box on the wall
beside it to stop the flow and enter the brown
door you can now reach.

Run forwards down the ramp and through the brown
door. Search the metal stand for flame rounds and
bullets. Go to the right hand side of the tram and
switch the power on, now enter the tram.

When you exit use the lighter on the flare gun to
receive the weapon box key. Go behind the tram
and enter the door.


Make your way down the corridor and turn right
and through the grey door. Right again until you
reach a ladder and climb up it.

In this room search for a first aid spray, flame and
acid rounds. Exit and search the barrels for bullets.
Enter the tram and search for flame rounds and
the control panel key. Now leave the tram and
use the control panel key on the control box and
press the switch. You will now get back in the tram
and Sherry will tell you that her stomach hurts.
Exit the tram to face William. Keep runing, shooting
till he falls and go back to see Sherry in the tram.
Claire now carrys Sherry to a safe room.


After the cut scene search for a green herb,
acid rounds and flame rounds. Id advise you to
save in here.

Exit via the grey door and make your way straight
across and through the blue lit door, across the
bridge and make your way up the corridor here
to enter the last door. Once inside search for a
first aid spray and the fuse case. Use the fuse
case on the computer to receive the main fuse.

Exit and make our way back to the central part
between the two lit doors and use the main fuse on
the computer here.

Now go through the red lit door, accross the bridge
and down the corridor and enter the door at the
end. Take the lab security manual and users
registration. Leave and open the shutters at the
other end here, kill the plants, go through the door,
kill another plant and climb down the ladder.


Klll the lickers and take the herbs and proceed
into the monitor room. Enter door B and turn left.
Enter the door here and use the weapon box key
on the lit cupboard to receive grenade rounds.
Make your way through the door here, kill the
zombies and take lab key card.

Leave this room and you will meet up with Annette.
After the cut scene use the lab key card on the
opposite door and enter. Kil the giant moth and
her babies on the keyboard. Operate the computer
using the password GUEST.

Now head back to the monitor room and youll run
into Annette again who gives you the antidote
instructions, read them and head back out and up
the ladder.

Head back into the room at the end of this corridor
again and turn on the sprinkler and shoot a round
at the plant in the wall to reveal a ladder. Climb
up into another room, kill the lickers, take the
goodies and leave.

Head over back to the blue side and use the lab
key card on the door ahead to unlock it. Enter
and take the vacine cart, grenades and MO disk.
Use the cartridge on the machine and press the
VAM switch. Take the vacine and leave.

Head back over the red side and down the ladder,
through the monitor room and enter door B.
Proceed and turn left. Enter the room where you
found the lab key card and use the vacine on the
computer to receive the vacine proper.

Leave and head to the monitor room and save.
Insert the MO disk into the computer to open the
door. Go through and down the tunnel. Activate
the lift to meet William final boss. Use all your
powerful ammo on him and after he falls enter
the lift. Follow the tunnel round and Leon appears
on a train. You get on with him and Sherry. Now
watch Claires ending.

=THANKS FOR READING}                                                                 
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