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Ada Wong

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Raccoon city streets
At the beginning you should avoid some zombies and enter in the iron gate on your right.

Police department: the Spades key
You'll be in a courtyard with 3 zombies. Turn right and get the cabin's key. Then go opposite and open the door with that key you've just got. On your left you'll find a typewriter and some gun ammos and after having taken them open the door in front of you. You'll be into another courtyard, avoid the zombies or kill them and then go upstairs; watch the video. Open the door and you'll be in the corridor of the 1st floor; go through it and take some gun ammos from the dead body of the policeman. Unlock the door on your left and then go opposite. Ignore two lickers and open the door that you see first: now you'll be in the waiting room, take the small key and leave the knife in the storage box. After open the door and you'll be into another long corridor: go through it and use the emergency ladder but don't go down, continue in the corridor and kill the zombies then take the Unicorn medal. Now go down the ladder, use in the fountain the Unicorn medal and take the Spades key.

Police department: the Diamond key
Nearby the computer you should find the shotgun, take it and go back to the door you've unlocked before in the corridor of the 1stfloor. Go downstairs, open the door and take ammos from the dead body, turn left and you'll see the handle valve (red) take it and in the small office on the right of Leon insert in the safe box the code 2236 and you'll be able to take shotgun ammos and a map of the police station. Now you have to go back to the flat roof and use on the left of the door the handle valve. Extinguished the fire, you should be able to get into the door in the corridor with the two lickers that you've ignored before, but when you open the door you'll see a video showing a ''friend'' that is looking after you XD: the Tyrant. You'll meet him in the corridor of the 1st floor , defeat him and take ammos from his body; now proceed to the other corridor and kill the lickers. Go straight on and get into the door next the helicopter: here take some shotgun ammos, get the card key(blue) and join the hall for using the card in the computer(be careful with the licker coming from the roof!). The card key(blue) will unlock three doors and you should go on the left one like you entered from the front door. Here you’ll find some zombies, the storage box and a file , then open the door on your left. There will be another corridor, go through it until you’ll find a dead body , take ammos and open the door on the right of Leon with the spades key then discard it. In this room you can take a file in the shelf in front of you and if you push the ladder and then climb it you’ll find some ammos. Now get out from this room and turn right, open the door and you’ll be into another corridor, but passing through it , you’ll see two zombies diving from the barricades, kill them and enter the 1stdoor you see: this is the conference room, proceed take some ammos and then use in the chimney Leon’s lighter obtaining the first red jewel. Get out of this room and pass through the corridor, open the door and if you have to leave something in the storage box or save get into the dark room under the stairs otherwise go upstairs. Go straight on and then you’ll have to resolve an enigma: the solution is to put the statues in the way both look at the statue in the middle obtaining the second red jewel. After this open the next door, kill the zombies and open the door first you see. Now you’ll be in the S.T.A.R.S. office, take Chris’ diary and in take the revolver in the locker on the right corner; get out of this room and proceed in the corridor, open the door and watch the video: you’ll meet Sherry Birkin that will leave you the diamond key and after Claire.

Police department : the Heart key
After this , get back and use the small key in the drawer on the left of Leon and you’ll find some parts to upgrade your gun, then open the door next the drawer: you’ll be in the library and after having moved you’ll see a cut scene showing you that some zombies are being introduced in the police department. Go upstairs, ignore the door on the right and proceeding in the wood corridor: you’ll fall down, push the button and now you’ll have to resolve another enigma: you’d better move right the 1st and 2nd shelves of library(starting from the left) to resolve the enigma and taking the bishop plug. Now you have to get back to the corridor with the dark room under the stairs and unlock with the diamond key the door in the corner(grey) but before you get in I advice you to leave some objects in the dark room.  In this room take some shotgun ammos in one of the drawer and proceed on the following door: here you have to kill the zombies , take ammos and the heart key from Marvin’s desk, then unlock the door and you’ll be again in the hall.

Police department : the Club key
Now you have get back to the room in which you inserted the code in the safe box and open the door in front of the dead body with the heart key, then discard it. Pass through this corridor and before going downstairs take shotgun ammos from the shelf in the corner and remember the door opposite. Go downstairs and turn right opening the first door you see(brown): in this room turn left and you have to resolve another enigma to reestablish electricity in the gun room: push the buttons in the following order, Up-Down-Up-Down-Up.Then get out of this room, proceed on the right and open the door that will led you in the parking. Go straight on and somebody, Ada Wong, will shoot you thinking that you were a zombie: after the cut scene help Ada to remove the camion for getting access to the guardhouses. Open the door(Ada will leave you) and proceed in this corridor ignoring the first door you see, entering in the prison. Go straight on until the second cell and you’ll meet Ben in his cell. After the cut scene take the hook on the right of Leon and then open the door you’ve ignored before. In this zone of the prison there are dogs’ cells, ignore them and go straight until you see a trap-door, use the hook and go down the ladder. You’re near the sewers so you will meet some spiders, kill or ignore them, go upstairs and finally open the door in front of you: here on the left of the room you will have to insert(when you will have them)all the plugs to unlock the door that will led you in the sewers. Since we don’t have them yet, get out of this room and you’ll meet Ada: during the cut scene you will help her to reach the ventilation hole and then you will control  her. At the beginning you will meet Sherry that, running away from you, will lose her pendant containing a sample of the G-virus (but Ada doesn’t know it); Ada will take this pendant and then you will be able to play Leon’s partner. Open the door in front of you and kill all the zombies, then turn right and use the lift, in this dead-end take shotgun ammos and then use the lift again. Go straight on and turn right, open the door and here you will have to resolve a little enigma to get last key of the precinct. Take the map on your right and go down until you’ll see 3 containers: all you have to do is to push them in the corner and if you did correctly you’d be able to reach the other side of the room when you press down the lever to activate the water. Resolved the enigma, reach the other side of the room and get the club key in the shelf. At this point you just have to get back to Leon: Ada will throw the objects to Leon but since she can’t reach the ventilation hole anymore, she will have to find another way.

Police department : taking all the Plugs
You’ll be able to control Leon again, but before get back in the precinct, open the door near the stairs: there’s a typewriter and I advice to leave what you don’t’ need in the storage box. Now you have to go back to the corridor in which you reestablished the electricity: here you have to get into the autopsy room(the only door on the right of Leon) using the club key, be careful with two lickers and take in the left corner the card key (red) that you need to unlock the gun room; get out of this room and use the key card in the card reader next the gun room. Now you’ll be able to enter in the gun room, take some ammos and take what Claire left you in the 1st scenario( a side pack or the machine gun). After this get out of the B1 floor going upstairs. Use the club key in the door opposite the shelf in which you’ve taken ammos before and in this room(guardian room) take revolver ammos on the bedside table. After this get back in the room with the safe box and open the double door on your right(light blue), you’ll be into another corridor, kill all the zombies and then open the door on your left that will led you again in the hall. Enter in the room with the storage box, take from it the diamond key and go back to that corridor. This time go straight on, turn right and open the door down the corridor; open the door in front of you using the diamond key(then discard it) and in this room take from the shelf the rook plug. Exit via the door and proceed in this corridor using the club key in the green door(then discard it). In this room turn left and light the fire in the corner: now activate the faucets in this order Central, Right, Left. A cogwheel will fall down from a picture, and while you’re going to take it the tyrant will appear again; ignore him and fast pick up the cogwheel. Get out of this room and try to go to the waiting room on the 1st floor but passing through the corridor you will have to fight against the tyrant inevitably. In the waiting room you have to take from the storage box the two red jewels and use them in the room in which we’ve obtained the card-key(blue) to get the king plug. Exit via this room, get into the corridor next the destroyed helicopter(Claire has used explosive)  and open the door in the left corner. Here you’ll be in the chief room: open the door on your left, proceed through this corridor and open door. Turn left twice and take from the jewel box the crank; now you have to reach the library but you’ll meet again the tyrant. When you are in the library open the door at the top and you’ll be in the 2nd floor: here there’s only a door, open it, use the crank on your left, go upstairs(they will activate with the crank), use the cogwheel and push the button. A door will open and you’ll get the knight plug; go down the garbage chute and you’ll be in the prison again. Reach Ben’s cell and watch the cut scene(Ben will die XD);  now all you have to do is using every plugs in that door to unlock it but before doing it equip revolver, carry some herbs and ammos with you because you will have to fight against the 1st mutation of William Birkin. After having defeated the monster, use the plugs, open the door go straight on and watch another cut scene: at the end of this scene Ada will be with you.

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Big Boss - Location: Raccoon - Fisson street n°7

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non mi ero accorto di tutte queste soluzioni in inglese...davvero complimenti Ada Smiley
Sono opera tua o le hai estrapolate da altri siti...giusto per sapere eh perchè volendo le potremmo caricare sul sito o anche solo linkarle Wink

"I won this game..." A.W.

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Flame Dragon
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Legendary Fire Beast

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Si però testo blu e testo nero su sfondo nero... non si legge un cavolo!
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